Android 14 may add battery health 2023

According to recent rumors, Google will include a battery health feature in the future version (14) of the mobile operating system (OS) Android for both smartphones and tablets.

According to Mishaal Rahman of Esper, who was quoted by GSMArena, Google has included several new BatteryManager APIs to the beta version of Android 14.

Two of these are system APIs that provide the device’s production date, date of first use, charging policy, and state of health. The other four are public APIs that offer information about cycle count and charging status.

Android 14 might have a battery-monitoring feature from Google.

According to the article, Rahman also noted that these system APIs may be accessed by any program as long as it has the BATTERY_STATS permission. However, the source stated that these APIs are only accessible on Pixel devices that are running Android 14 Beta 2 or later.

It was revealed in February of this year that the business was working on new settings for its next system software update ‘Android 14’, which would allow users to select all regional preferences, avoiding the need to go into the settings menu of each program. These new options will be available to users when the update is released.

In the meantime, a different source stated that Android 14 will begin prohibiting the installation of programs that target previous versions of Android in an effort to assist lower the likelihood of malicious software.

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