Disneyland attractions that typically don’t have long lines

Disneyland attractions typically don’t have long lines.

Disneyland and Disney California Adventure are filled with various attractions, restaurants and retail shops that make for a magical visit, at least for the part of the visit where you aren’t in line.

For Disney theme park fans and first time visitors who want to spend less time standing in line, here are some attractions that don’t have long wait times.

Guests don’t want to get wet at night and the water ride has a shorter wait time during the evening.

Since Disney officials announced that the ride is new, wait times may be longer than usual.

The attraction in Fantasyland has a short line. According to a website that tracks wait times at theme parks, the average wait time for the ride on April 19 was 10 minutes.

The dark ride in Critter Country usually has a wait time.

Guests can walk onto the attraction without waiting on the man powered canoe ride.

The average wait time on the dark ride is 16 minutes.

Disney fans can still watch the fireworks shows without a theme park ticket. On top of the Mickey and Friends parking garage is where guests can watch the fireworks show.

You will be charged for parking at Disney’s hotels and shopping district if you don’t have a park ticket. The latest Disney merchandise can be found in Downtown Disney and guests can hang out in the Grand Californian hotel lobby.

There is a place on Tom Sawyer Island where you can escape the crowds. Castle Rock and Tom and Huck’s Tree House are two of the play areas that anyone can enjoy on the secluded island.

There are multiple seating areas on the island.

Visitors may have to wait in a line to board the raft dock that takes them to the island, but wait times are usually very short.

Disney California Adventure has a trail that guests can explore. There are multiple lookout towers, a rock climbing area, and multiple trails in the forest themed play area. Park guests don’t have to wait in line to see this attraction.

You can receive a free button if you stop by City Hall in Disneyland to celebrate a birthday, anniversary, or graduation. If City Hall gets too busy, guests can pick up buttons at Guest Service in Disney California Adventure.

The button can be used to interact with characters in the park.

Disney princes and princesses can get their hair and makeup done in Fantasyland at Disneyland. Guests looking for a free alternative to the makeovers can ask the cast members in the shop to sprinkle glitter on their hair.

It doesn’t make someone fly like Peter Pan and Tinkerbell, but it’s still fun.

In California Adventure, guests can hang out in the Animation Academy building.

The lounge plays Disney music and has multiple seating areas. Projections on the walls are based on the songs.

There is a secret library located inside the Sorcerer’s Workshop, located in Hollywood Land at California Adventure. The famous Beast portrait hangs in the middle of the room and guests can watch it change into the clawed version.

Guests will be able to find out which Disney character best fits their personality with the enchanted book in the library.

The animation academy is located in California Adventure and can teach visitors how to draw their favorite Disney characters. A Disney artist gives guests step by step instructions on how to draw characters from Disney and Pixar films.

Guests don’t have to make a reservation to join the class.

Rider switch is available for guests who don’t meet ride requirements, have a service animal who can’t ride the attraction, or who can’t wait in the attraction lines themselves and needs someone else to do it for them.

Guests who can ride the attraction can do so without waiting in line twice.

Party visitors wait with guests who can’t get on the attraction for the reasons listed above while other party members get on the ride A supervising guest must be at least 14 years old.

The people who waited with the guests who couldn’t get on the ride can get on the attraction without waiting in a line.

Disneyland Park and Disney California Adventure Park offer the Rider Switch program.

Live wait times can be monitored during a park visit. Once the app is downloaded, you can see multiple wait times for attractions at Disneyland and Disney California Adventure.

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