The Pouches Should Be Dumped

The Tactical Dump Pouch is designed to carry up to 6 empty rifle magazines. MOLLE/PALS is on the inside of the pouch. The operator can fit more gear in the same place on his or her belt.

There is a reason you put things in a dump pouch. Whether you keep a water source, extra magazines, or sensitive items, the idea is to keep them all inside. That’s why it’s important to close dump pouches. You can kiss whatever you want if you don’t have a system for closing things down.

dump pouch

The wide load category of dump pouch is finally here. This classification includes the LBT and gear dump pouches. A lot of equipment can be carried by these.

It’s Shipping

If you want your dump pouch to be used for running, jumping, climbing, or crawling, you need to close it. Quality pouches come with shock cords, snap closures, and other items. This is useful for hundreds of things. The smaller one is great for a water bottle. You can get dump pouches for as low as $35 and as expensive as triple digits.

It’s a good idea to use a dump pouch to hold snacks, water, a phone, or sensitive items. It can do anything the military requires when it comes to turning textiles into gear. It doesn’t have every feature, but the ones it does have are some of the best. Two drain ports at the bottom are great for easy drainage when roughing it. The elastic pull tab is shining. You don’t have to open the pouch, just pull it open and let it go.

There Is A Pouch For Consulting

There are many different types of retention. If you want your pouch to be retentive, consider what you will be doing. Dump pouches for any activity other than flat range are important.

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Like a game of goldilocks, there will probably be too much, too little and finally a happy medium in regards to both dollars and features. Everyone can use a helping hand. All Armasen Tactical products have a limited warranty. An extra large pocket on demand is what the Dump Pouch gives the user. The two point clip on the front of the pouch makes sure the pouch doesn’t move during operations.

When rolled up using the pull tab, it will take up less space than under magazine pouches. It can be moved easily from a battle belt to a normal belt, and back again. There is a pouch to stuff your pouch in, but not much else. In a pinch, this dump pouch would be great, but you need the belt real estate for more crucial pieces of kit.

A small amount of real estate can be taken up by low profile dump pouches, which can still be a big help. This category includes pouches like the Blue Force gear. They are great for guys who only need Utility pouches once in a while or are budgeting their belt real estate. If capacity is the name of the game in your search, you may want to look at medium sized pouch.

The design of Rex Arms is getting better. The dump pouch was designed to compliment the Agile Hunting Saddle by connecting to one of the molle loops via the sewn in tri glide. When you deploy a dump pouch, attach it to your belt securely, and it shouldn’t flop around all over the place. The dump pouch is perfect for people who are hard on their gear and pack mules who don’t have enough to eat.

Although it is marketed as a medium, I would consider it to be in the wide load realm. There isn’t much to say about the pouch. These days a trade off is dump pouches. Either you find a lightweight pouch, but it has limited capacity and fragile construction, or you find one with increased capacity, but it is heavy. It works well on duty belt for qualification trips.