Since boltless shelving is so strong and versatile, it’s a popular choice for storage in factories, warehouses, and shops. Boltless shelving, sometimes referred to as rivet shelving, is put together by slipping the horizontal beams’ riveted ends into the vertical posts’ keyhole-shaped holes to form interlocking units that may be arranged almost any way. Practically no complex tools are required, and the only loose fasteners you could need are a rubber mallet! By just shifting the beams up or down to the next slot, tool-less installation also makes it simple to modify the height of each shelf individually. However, boltless shelving units’ adaptability and customizability don’t come at the expense of robustness. These units provide heavy-duty, dependable metal shelving that can be accessed from all directions. They are constructed from industrial quality cold rolled steel in a range of thicknesses.

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Boltless shelf units have several benefits, making it clear why they’re a fantastic storage option for any area. But with such adaptability also comes a recurring question: what kind of boltless shelving is required? When comparing rivet shelving in a catalog, it’s simple to lose track of the distinctions between the products without actually understanding them. Here are the primary varieties of boltless shelving along with their characteristics to help you in your quest.

Five Advantages of Boltless Shelving for Storage in Warehouses

The primary issue that most warehouses deal with is a shortage of storage. Owners of businesses are aware that figuring out how to store things more effectively may be a difficult undertaking. For many years, warehouse storage space has been maximized through the use of boltless shelving. These five advantages will demonstrate the value of boltless shelving for warehouses.

Less work and a single tool are required for installation and building

Professional installers believe these industrial shelves to be easier to install than other metal shelving systems since they are boltless. A mallet is the sole instrument required for placing the shelves. Because of this adaptability, the optimal design that maximizes storage capacity may be selected. The majority of installations may be raised 1.5 inches vertically.


Steel shelving made of boltless construction may be made to accommodate any kind of warehouse. There are other possibilities, such as wire mesh decking, which improves visibility while maintaining a closed shelf. Particle board, wire grating, melamine, and metal shelves are further decking options. Additionally, boltless shelving accessories are a possibility. It is easy to alter shelving so that it fits any warehouse perfectly.

Simple to Reach

The majority of boltless shelving is conveniently reachable from any angle. Since sway bracing are not needed, all four sides are open, making it simpler to retrieve any item that is kept. The structure won’t waver thanks to the four steel beams. Other choices exist, though, if multi-sided access to stored things is not required.


Parts of boltless shelving are often composed of steel. This gives them the best support possible when carrying heavy items and makes them incredibly powerful. The weight capacity of boltless steel shelving systems ranges from 500 to 2,000 pounds per shelf. Heavy-duty, long span shelf is one type of high-capacity storage system arrangement. This is a straightforward and affordable solution that offers unbroken spans up to eight feet.


Compared to other shelving systems, boltless steel shelving is less costly. This is as a result of requiring fewer shelf components. A rubber mallet and the shelf unit are all that are required. Cross beams and bolts are not required. Boltless shelving is less expensive without sacrificing excellent quality. Additionally, floor space is created by rising upward and utilizing high shelves, providing greater area for expansion. Businesses may become more efficient, well-organized, and prepared for expansion with the aid of Western Pacific Storage Solutions. Their boltless racking units are flawless and require only 30% assembly time.

In brief:

Any company, warehouse, or distribution center may affordably boost productivity and efficiency with a boltless storage racking solution. Warehouse boltless shelving has been around for a while and is becoming more and more popular. It is becoming more and more acknowledged as a great answer to industrial storage requirements. Professional installers can save time and money by installing boltless shelving since it is very simple to install. Numerous possibilities are possible due to the options’ high degree of flexibility. It may be made to meet a wide range of requirements. Four open sides provide simple access and reduce the amount of time spent searching for goods or equipment. The value of a boltless metal shelf rack is increased by its exceptional durability.