Big xyt introduces Trade Verification Tool 2023

Big XYT, a supplier of smart data and analytics solutions, has introduced a new tool called the Trade Verification Tool. With this tool, clients may investigate potentially fraudulent deals and protect themselves from being exposed to a fragmented market.

Through the use of the company’s pre-and post-transaction execution analytics solution known as Open TCA, the product has the capability to validate price reversions as well as execution performance for each deal.

The Big XYT Trade Verification Tool Is Here

Metrics such as the movement of the mid-price, changes in spread, and volume changes are used both before and after the trade to determine the level of liquidity in the market. Users are therefore able to check each trade of a security at any stage in the process by utilizing immediately accessible visualisations and insights.

According to Robin Mess, CEO and co-founder of big xyt, “We are constantly discovering new opportunities and developing new solutions to assist the community in gaining more transparency and better actionable insights to help reduce their trading costs.”

“Investors can systematically process all orders and trades to find the most relevant information, quickly and easily, which helps with day-to-day trading decisions,” thanks to the Trade Verification Tool.

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