Chromebooks Now Support Minecraft 2023

San Francisco: Tech giant Google has said that the ‘Minecraft: Bedrock Edition’ video game may now be played on Chromebooks in an official capacity.

The multinational technology company said in a blogpost on Wednesday that users may now purchase this game via the Google Play Store on Chromebook. This purchase grants users access to the Minecraft Marketplace as well as the opportunity to play on Realms.

“Minecraft is now available on compatible Chromebooks, including every Chromebook released in the past three years,” says Mojang, the company behind the game.

Through the use of Minecraft’s cross-play capabilities, players are able to collaborate with their friends across a variety of platforms, including Android, Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, and Windows-based PCs.

In order to use the cross-play functionality

“The recently released Trails & Tales update is now playable on Chromebooks,” the developer said. The business has stated that the update would include new enemies, new building blocks, and new goods that will allow players to “transform their Overworld and meet a sniffer, brush for pottery shards, or adventure for armor trims.”

In addition, the new version includes additional capabilities, such as the capacity to share camel rides with friends and to leave each other notes using the newly added, editable hanging signs.

Users who buy the game on their Chromebook are able to use the same Google account to get a free copy of the game on their Android smartphone if they already have it purchased on their Chromebook.

In March of this year, an early access version of the game ‘Minecraft: Bedrock Edition’ was made available for play on Chromebooks.

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