Developer Beta Program for vivo X90 Pro and iQOO 11 2023

From May 11, vivo X90 Pro and iQOO 11 smartphones in Southeast Asia will receive Android 14 Beta 1. The program lets vivo developers test new Android features and improve app compatibility. Android 14 will improve device resource management, battery life, security, privacy, personalization, and accessibility.

Improved device resource management and battery life

Android 14 simplifies background operations by streamlining program activation and boosting resource management and battery life. One notable update is that exact alarms, or activities that must happen at a specific time, are banned by default since they might drain the device’s resources, notably battery life. Thus, save for clocks and calendar applications, all newly installed Android 14 apps must ask for this permission before setting precise alarms.

The settings panel prompts users to input their choices. However, developers should carefully examine application usage circumstances and pick a more flexible alert option as much as feasible to save resource consumption and improve user experience.

Android 14 now reserves foreground services for the user’s highest-priority tasks, improving resource consumption and battery life. Applications must provide suitable foreground service types and declare a permission based on the type. Developers must declare the application’s backend work intent and which use circumstances are suitable for front services.

Improved privacy and security

Android 14 improves battery life, device security, and user privacy. A privacy-friendly photo selection lowers the requirement for programs to directly request file read and write rights through system takeover.

A new permission confirmation pop-up in Android 14 lets users grant limited access to photographs and videos by selecting media assets. The user can grant or refuse the app access to all media files.

Starting with Android 14, a minimum installable target API level of 23 prevents applications with API Levels below 23 from being installed to prevent malware from bypassing newer Android security and privacy measures.

Android 14 restricts implicit and pending intents, dynamic code loading, and background activity beginning to protect smartphones.

More customization and accessibility

Android 14 improves personalization and accessibility by letting users define regional preferences for temperature units, the week’s start day, and number presentation. Non-linear font scaling to 200% improves accessibility. Non-linear scaling preserves the proportionate hierarchy between different-sized parts and keeps text understandable.

vivo actively helps developers improve their apps for the newest Android OS and provide the best user experience. From May 11, Southeast Asian developers may join the Android 14 Beta Program for vivo X90 Pro and iQOO 11 on the vivo Developers website.

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