Employment verification technology Konfir raises £2m 2023

Konfir, a London-based startup, has raised a pilot round of £2 million to develop and expand its employment and income verification technology.

With the intention of streamlining the onboarding process for employers, landlords, and financiers, Konfir’s platform grants businesses access to immediate employment and income verification services.

The company combines proprietary data sources and algorithms to verify employee information in real time.

Existing and new investors participated in the round, including Triple Point, Love Ventures, Portfolio Ventures, and a variety of angel fintech investors.

Chris Milligan, CEO of Konfir, stated, “The sustained support of Triple Point and new investment from Love Ventures, Portfolio Ventures, and our group of angel investors is evidence of the increasing demand for immediate, consumer-controlled employment and income verification in Europe.

In a challenging fundraising climate, I’m pleased of our team’s execution over the past year, which resulted in this capital, allowing us to continue to develop the platform and provide more people with the tools they need to advance in life.

Konfir raised a pre-seed round at the beginning of 2022 and has partnered with KPMG, Tesco, and Accenture.

Adrian Love, co-founder and general partner at Love Ventures, remarked, “It’s absurd that there was no singular source of immediate employment and income data verification prior to now.

This is especially urgent given the vast number and variety of companies clamoring for this vital data validation when assisting customers with life’s major events, such as obtaining a job, a home, or credit.”

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