Environmental technology digitalization 2023

SFC India, a worldwide environmental technology firm that specializes in the treatment of municipal sewage and solid waste, has embraced Dassault Systèmes’ 3DEXPERIENCE Works cloud solutions for digital transformation, the company stated.

SFC India is now able to replicate real-time operating situations thanks to the transformation from 2D to 3D designs. This allows the company to concentrate on creating unique and locally sourced wastewater treatment solutions.

Data duplication, revision control, cooperation, and data retrieval are only some of the problems that might arise throughout the development, design, and manufacture of a product. This collaboration handles these problems.

By utilizing 3DEXPERIENCE Works, engineering time has been greatly cut down, effective design validation has been made possible, prices have been optimized, product lifecycle management has been improved, and possibilities for collaboration and data sharing have been expanded

Dassault Systèmes’ 3DEXPERIENCE Works helps SFC India digitally transform wastewater solutions.

In his presentation, Deepak NG, Managing Director of Dassault Systèmes India, emphasized that 3DEXPERIENCE Works contributes significantly to the digitalization efforts of any firm.

It offers a dependable digital environment that enables efficient design validation, simulation, data management, and enterprise-wide collaboration, all of which are crucial for the delivery of individualized solutions.

He emphasized that SFC India is able to create and build indigenous sustainable technology solutions for wastewater treatment facilities, which are suited to client demands, as a result of the platform.

SFC India’s Manager of Marketing and Proposals, Lalit Motwani, highlighted the significance that 3DEXPERIENCE Works plays in expediting the company’s data conversion from 2D to 3D design.

The use of real-time simulation has resulted in an increase in the efficacy of their wastewater treatment facilities, which has led to a reduction in the expenses of operation.

The company’s product lifecycle management process has been greatly simplified thanks to cloud-based collaboration, which has also dramatically shortened the amount of time needed to bring the product to market.

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