Google Assistant Adds Lime and Indigo Voices 2023

Lime and Indigo are the names of the two new voices that have been added to the ‘Google Assistant’ software program that is Google’s version of a virtual assistant.

“We added two new styles to our collection of US English voices, designed to bring more diversity to your current options,” the internet giant stated in a blogpost on Wednesday.

“We added two new styles to our collection of UK English voices, designed to bring more variety to your current options.”

Lime and Indigo are the new voices for the Google Assistant app.

Microsoft has begun testing a new user interface for the File Explorer as well as a feature called dynamic lighting for Windows 11.

To access the different voices, customers need only say “Hey Google, change your voice.” On the 20th of June, it was claimed that the tech giant will be disabling the integration of third-party Google Assistant Notes & Lists on that day.

This news came out the week before last. The Android 14 operating system could include a more sophisticated memory protection feature.

Users have had the option, inside the Google Assistant settings, to pick a Notes & Lists provider for voice commands that enable them to create or amend a list or note on speakers and Smart Displays for a considerable amount of time.

There are many different choices available, some of which are Google Keep,, AnyList, and Bring Shopping Lists.

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