If You Don’t Use Google, It’ll Delete Your Account 2023

Google deletes inactive accounts after two years. The IT behemoth is improving security. The new policy takes effect immediately, but the corporation won’t start deleting until December.

Step-by-step deletion will occur. The company’s website states that accounts established but never used are deleted first. Inactive accounts are 10 times less likely to have 2-step verification activated, therefore Google made the change to fight spam.

Spam and identity theft can occur with a hacked Google account. Deleting outdated accounts frees up storage and cuts costs, supporting the tech firm’s financial efficiency. ArsTechnica reports that the amended restriction solely affects personal accounts, not schools or corporations.

Google will provide numerous warnings before deleting accounts.

Google advises signing in once every two years to keep an account active. The corporation gave several examples of “activity” after logging in. This includes emailing, adding contacts, and changing account settings.

Android check-ins are legitimate activity for dormant accounts. Plugging in an Android phone might keep your Google account active forever. The amended policy includes paying for Google One storage.

Google Photos has unique photo storage activity rules. Visit the Google photographs app (or website) or upload a new photo every two years to save your photographs. These criteria differ from account activity requirements.

Gmail, Docs, Drive, Meet, Calendar, YouTube, and Google Photos data will be destroyed if your Google account is terminated. Elon Musk announced that Twitter will archive dormant accounts. “Action is important to free up abandoned handles,” he said.

Google’s new account cancellation policy is polarizing. Some perceive the action as proactive security and spam prevention. Some feel it violates their rights, especially those with personal or historical connection to their former accounts.

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If secondary accounts are deactivated, users may have trouble storing data. Google accounts can be reactivated for 60 days before being erased. On May 16, the policy changed.

As December approaches, Google’s warning-accompanied deletion procedure will be tested.

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