iPhone manufacturer Foxconn switches to electric cars amid global tensions 2023

In light of the tense geopolitical situation between China and Taiwan, the manufacturer of the iPhone, Foxconn, has reaffirmed its ambitious intentions to become a global supplier of electric vehicles (EV).

Young Liu, the head of the Taiwanese company, recently gave an interview to the BBC in which he stated that “as a business, as a chief executive, I have to think about what if the worst case happens.”

If ties between China and Taiwan continue to deteriorate, Liu believes that Foxconn, which manufactures iPhones and other goods for Apple, should investigate the electric vehicle industry because it presents a “great opportunity” for the company.

“The reason why we think this is a wonderful opportunity for us is because with typical [cars], you have engines that are primarily mechanical. This presents a challenge for us since we want to create an electric automobile. On the other hand, electric vehicles rely on motors and batteries,” he explained.

China-Taiwan tensions may encourage Foxconn to expand its EV operations abroad.

Liu stated, “It doesn’t make sense for you to make [EVs] in one place.” This was seen as a possible hint to a move away from production that is centered in China, which is where the majority of Foxconn’s assets are located.

He proceeded by saying that the manufacturing facilities may be established in the United States, Thailand, Indonesia, or India, as part of ambitions by the technology giant to strive for a five percent share of the worldwide electric vehicle industry in the coming years.

Liu noted that the business was already “very familiar” with the technology when talking about Foxconn’s developing maiden range of electric vehicles (EVs). He compared the center console to “a big iPhone.”

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