KR Gives HD Hyundai Ship Cyber Resilience Technology AIP 2023

HD Hyundai Heavy Industries (HD HHI) and HD Korea Shipbuilding & Offshore Engineering (HD KSOE) received an AIP from Korean Register (KR) for their novel “Technical Procedures and Methodology for Implementation of Ship Cyber Resilience (IACS UR E26).” KR and HD Hyundai collaborated on ship cyber resilience technologies to reach this milestone.

Ship cyber resilience involves reducing cyber mishaps and mitigating their effects on operational technology systems necessary for ship navigation. From January 2024, ships contracted for construction must meet IACS UR E26’s cyber resilience criteria, announced in April 2022.

The KR Cyber Resilience Technology Award goes to HD Hyundai.

In anticipation of IACS UR E26, KR and HD Hyundai have collaborated on a research and development effort to implement and validate the cyber resilience of ship main systems and related equipment since September 2018.

HD HHI and HD KSOE created a cyber resilience network for ship major systems and a response system based on technical processes and techniques from a cyber risk management framework. KR granted AIP after verifying the cyber resilience concept design’s feasibility, safety, and applicability.

KR R&D Executive Vice President KIM Daeheon said:

“This AIP of cyber resilience technology is the first in KR, and it is meaningful for us that our collaboration with the world-class HD Hyundai has led to this successful result. KR will improve its technology and certification capabilities to help clients improve ship cyber resilience.

HD HHI Senior Vice President and Basic Design Office Head JUNG Jaejun said:

KR’s first certification of our ship cyber resilience concept design is exciting. We will develop relevant technologies and safer smart ships to fulfill client needs.”

HD KSOE Executive Vice President and Digital Research Lab Head KWON Byounghun added:

Autonomous and smart ships need cyber security. HD Hyundai received the first shipyard design certification based on the IACS unified standards, demonstrating its superior technology.

This shows HD Hyundai’s worldwide leadership in shipbuilding and KR’s commitment to marine innovation. Both companies continue to develop cyber-resilient ship technology to suit client demand.

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