National Technology Day leaders discuss

India celebrates its growth narrative via innovation, cutting-edge technology, and disruption on Technology Day. India is a powerhouse of technical brilliance, creating some of the world’s most innovative ideas and solutions.

Every industry now relies on technology to thrive and flourish, from indigenous missile technology to world-class research institutions. Businesses across industries must accept and adapt to it.
India’s top tech experts discuss the relevance of technology in developing a strong infrastructure to strategize the future

CoinSwitch CTO Govind Soni

National Technology Day reminds us that innovation may change our lives. Best-in-class technology boosts growth. It improves our world by increasing efficiency and possibilities. The Web3 pivot shows this in crypto and blockchain technologies.

Companies and governments are using blockchain to develop secure, transparent systems across industries. Blockchain technology might change business, data storage, and voting. This technology’s real-world use and advantages will increase in the future years.

CoinSwitch is always developing and researching new ways to use technology to benefit our clients. National Technology Day gives us hope for the future.

MD ANSR and CEO/Co-Founder Talent500 Vikram Ahuja

“National Technology Day honors our tech community’s contributions to the nation’s progress. India’s computer industry is resilient despite global recession and economic uncertainties.

India can become the world’s technical superpower thanks to technology’s tremendous growth and innovation. India’s Global Capability Center (GCC) sector will contribute to the ecosystem, enhancing India’s technology and innovation leadership.

CredAble CTO Kapil Kapoor

Metaverse and generative AI innovations generate transformation. New technology have helped firms innovate, boost productivity, and benefit society. The digital era’s scale and speed are defined by cloud computing and 5G.

FinTechs may increase efficiency and value by using AI, machine learning, cloud computing, and biometrics. FinTechs may construct last-mile delivery, fraud detection, and regulatory compliance solutions by embracing digital operating models. FinTech startups and banks are spending extensively in technology for client onboarding, underwriting, credit scoring, and loan disbursements.

Business executives should explore how decentralized AI capabilities might improve their models beyond 2023. Establish stable cloud infrastructure and incorporate intelligence into technological stacks to optimize efficiency.

Ayekart CTO Milind Borgikar

National Technology Day reminds us that technology can change lives.

AI and ML are transforming the agri-value chain. This innovative technology may address food security, sustainable business practices, and MSMEs, farmers, and FPOs.

Ayekart pushes technology to build a sustainable and efficient ecosystem for our partners. We create and deploy innovative technologies to make the agri-value chain smart, efficient, and sustainable.”

Witzeal Technologies CEO and Founder Ankur Singh

“At Witzeal Technologies, we believe national technology is essential for our nation’s growth and understand its potential for the gaming industry. AI, MI, and AR/VR have enabled game creators to create immersive and entertaining games, growing the business 360 degrees and creating income and jobs.

AI and machine learning may give gamers customized games and performance-based incentives. This has opened many opportunities for the business, and Witzeal Technologies is spearheading this technology-driven revolution by finding new methods to use cutting-edge technology to improve the gaming experience.

Our multi-gaming platform, Big Cash, is technologically protected and ethically compliant. We aim to inspire other industry participants to act responsibly and help the nation.”

Poker Sports League CEO and Founder Pranav Bagai

“On National Technology Day, we celebrate how technology has transformed the online gaming industry, particularly online poker. Technology has made poker accessible to players worldwide, anytime and everywhere. Technology has enhanced online poker, from platforms and user experiences to fair play algorithms.

Cutting-edge advancements have brought poker and technology together, producing a dynamic and engaging gaming experience. AI-powered algorithms improve games with cognitive insights and analyses. Virtual and augmented reality have introduced live poker to the digital world, encouraging community and engagement among players.

Poker Sports League is working with tech firms to give gamers an immersive gaming experience. Our unique features, promotions, and tournaments have made poker more fun and engaging. We also hope to employ technology to make poker even more fun for everyone. National Technology Day celebrates technology’s ability to alter industries and improve lives worldwide.

India’s digital revolution shows how innovation and technology can revolutionize economies, societies, and global competitiveness. It has transformed the economy, society, and culture, making it an innovation powerhouse. India’s indigenous systems bring the future now with its flourishing start-up environment, world-class research institutions, and bright workforce.

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