Oppo announces $440,000 “Inspiration Challenge 2023” to spur innovation 2023

Oppo Research Institute launched the “2023 Inspiration Challenge” alongside Qualcomm Technologies, GSMA 5G IN, Amazon Web Services, and LinkedIn on Monday, investing $440,000 to spur innovation in goods and services for people and the world.

Oppo Research Institute said in a joint statement that it is important to advance health, accessibility, and environmental protection by providing funding, support, and partnership opportunities.

The Inspiration Challenge challenges technological professionals to innovate human and environmental solutions.

The “Inspiration for People” category seeks digital health and accessible technology goods and services. Health algorithms, hardware sensor advancements (integrating new and sophisticated sensors into everyday health monitoring equipment), digital health monitoring goods, accessibility assistive technologies, and aging technology are included.

The “Inspiration for the Planet” category seeks environmentally friendly and low-carbon consumer electronics. Renewable energy; sustainable materials and packaging; green production; electronic device recycling; and carbon emission digital management are included.

We could not solve global challenges like public health, accessible technology, and environmental preservation on our own. “We created the Inspiration Challenge to empower like-minded innovators to tackle these big issues with us using technology and create a better world for all,” stated Oppo Research Institute Head.

Regional demo events in Bangkok, Boston, and Shenzhen will follow the May 8–June 30 submission period for the 2023 Oppo Inspiration Challenge.

According to the announcement, regional demo event finalists will be invited to the Inspiration Challenge Acceleration Camp to meet with Oppo executives and technical experts to refine their suggestions before the global final demo event at the end of August.

“A total of 15 qualified proposals from regional demo events will be selected as global finalists and top 5 winning proposals will be selected in the global final demo event, each being awarded a grant of USD $50,000 (approximately 350,000 RMB, tax included),” Oppo Research Institute said.

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