Realme secretly gathers smartphone users’ info, government orders investigate 2023

Since the introduction of Realme UI 4.0, users have been concerned about pre-installed bloatware applications. The revision was also concerned with data collection. Users’ privacy has been called into question due to the accumulation of data from their smartphones without their knowledge.

Minister of State for Information Technology and Electronics Rajeev Chandrasekhar has ordered an investigation into the matter. Rishi Bagree, a Twitter user, was the first to raise this concern on the social media platform. Enhanced Intelligent Services, which was enabled by default on Realme devices (smartphones), accumulated user data such as call recordings, SMS, location information, etc.

A Twitter user had specifically mentioned the issue on the platform.

The Enhanced Intelligent Services are characterized as a feature that enhances the user experience by optimizing the device’s functions based on how the device is used. The feature accumulates a variety of information, including user data, device data, location data, app usage statistics, calendar events, etc.

Users can access the feature by selecting Settings > Additional Settings > System Services > Enhanced Intelligent Services from the drop-down menu. However, regular users remain in the shadows because the feature is enabled by default.

The Twitter user questioned whether or not information was sent to China. In particular, users were outraged by the fact that Realme collected data without their consent.

Some OnePlus users were quick to respond that they, too, had such settings (Enhanced Intelligent Services) enabled by default on their smartphones, which they subsequently disabled after being informed.

However, without additional information about data storage and transmission, it would be incorrect to assert that the data collected by Enhanced Intelligent services are transmitted to Chinese servers. Before the article was written, Realme had not responded to the tweet.

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