Semitech’s Click Board from MikroElektronika 2023

Therefore, design architects and system developers wishing to utilize PLC will no longer need to design their own board(s) in order to prototype their products and integrate multiple functions.

Aleksandar Mitrovic, Head of Click Team at MIKROE, explains, “Our plug-and-play Click boards are designed to help developers evaluate new technologies and explore new product ideas by leveraging modular, tested, and affordable hardware to simplify integration and allow for later project or product upgrade.”

By adding Semitech to our portfolio, we are expanding access to robust, flexible, high-performance PLC technology and lowering the barrier for system designers to incorporate it into their products.

The SM2400-based Click board can be used immediately for DC power line communication and in conjunction with a coupler board for AC power line communication.

Key features and benefits include:

  • Multiple communication modes via firmware downloads
  • Superior performance in noisy line conditions
  • PC-based GUI for easy evaluation and demonstration
  • Low system cost
  • Can operate on AC or DC lines
  • Operates in FCC band

Semitech Semiconductor provides wireless and power line communication (PLC) solutions for many applications.

“Click boards allow designers to easily evaluate our technology, experiment with our products, and reduce time to market through rapid prototyping,” explained Semitech’s vice president of engineering, Sverrir Olafsson.

“Making our PLC technology more accessible advances our mission to enable robust, reliable ‘no new wires’ communication that connects everything and everyone. Our PLC Click board is an example of our commitment to user-friendliness and customer service.”

The PLC Click board featuring Semitech’s technology will be made available through MIKROE’s extensive global distribution network and will include a GUI-based user application to further facilitate evaluation and testing.

It supports a variety of standard-based and proprietary configurations available on the SM2400 platform from Semitech.

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