This innovative iPhone case makes MAGSAFE better 2023

As of this writing, MagSafe only attaches chargers and wallets. The UPRO Ostand case boosts your iPhone’s MagSafe function to let you stand, hang, or hold your phone while taking selfies or browsing TikTok.

The iF Design Award-winning UPRO Ostand protects your smartphone like an iPhone case with a magnetic ring on the back.

However, this ring splits outwards to become an angle-adjustable stand and iPhone ring holder, allowing one-handed operation without worrying about your phone falling. Like your iPhone, it’s magnetic, so you can attach your MagSafe wallet or charger.

Apple’s crazy ideas usually make money. To launch a $12 billion AirPods company, the headphone jack has to go. Apple’s MagSafe feature may remove the iPhone’s charging connector to boost its charger business. Apple doesn’t innovate, but it lets other parties do so.

This innovative new iPhone case makes MAGSAFE even more convenient.

TORRAS created the first wearable air conditioner with semiconductor plates that act like a little chiller around your neck and the UPRO Ostand. The Ostand isn’t as sophisticated as that, but it fits TORRAS’ approach to problem-solving—creating novel solutions no one else has thought of.

The Ostand is a versatile case for iPhone 12 and higher and Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra that protects your phone like a stand. The sleek backplate’s O-shaped ring matches the iPhone’s MagSafe ring. This aerospace-grade aluminum ring, little over a millimeter thick, rests flush against the Ostand shell when closed yet opens up as a ring-holder or phone stand.

The UPRO Ostand Pro opens 120° and rotates 360° within its circular hub. You can hold and stand the phone in landscape and portrait. After closing the ring, it disappears inside the case. Your MagSafe wishes it could do all this.

The Ostand has Halbach magnets in the ring, like MagSafe. They’re twice as powerful as your iPhone’s magnets (up to 18N of force) and work just like MagSafe. Apple’s wireless charger, power pack, magnetic vehicle phone holder, and MagSafe wallet may be attached to your iPhone. Apple invented MagSafe. The UPRO Ostand simply perfected it.

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