Tim Cook pleased to speed up India production 2023

The Indian Minister of State for Entrepreneurship, Skill Development, Electronics, and Technology, Rajeev Chandrasekhar, stated on Wednesday that Apple CEO Tim Cook was “so happy they could ramp up so quickly in India.”

The Minister said this as he was speaking at the FE Digital Bharat Economy Conclave 2023 in New Delhi. “Everyone in India should be excited about the huge factories that have come into India,” he added.

Tim Cook was eager to increase manufacturing in India.

In addition, the Union Minister stated that Cook was pleased to increase its production in India, adding that “this was made possible due to effective policy-making.” He also noted the fact that women make up seventy percent of the workforce in these industries.

He also noted that in 2014, 82% of all mobiles that were consumed in India were imported, and that as of the year 2023, companies such as Samsung and Apple had shipped more than one lakh crore cellphones from the nation. At the moment, mobile phones with internet access are India’s fifth-largest export product category.

During the conclave, Chandrasekhar presented thoughts on how technology may alter the lives of Indians and expressed that India is ready for AI, which provides huge opportunities in the digital economy and governance. He also shared insights on how technology might transform the lives of people in other countries.

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