Apple fixing iPhone keyboard autocorrect 2023

Smartphones and other electronic devices have become more advanced and user-friendly due to technological advancements, but they do not always act “smart” because they are ultimately controlled by artificial intelligence.

For instance, the autocorrect function on a phone’s keyboard is one of the most irritating features when it comes to spelling words according to one’s convenience, particularly swear words.

Apple has reportedly developed a solution to this issue, although users can always disable the option. Reuters reported that iPhone developers will modify the autocorrect feature on the device’s keyboard to prevent “correcting one of the most common expletives to ducking.”

“When you just want to type a ducking word, the keyboard will also learn it,” Apple’s chief software architect Craig Federighi was quoted as saying.

Apple also introduced its first mixed reality headgear, challenging Facebook owner Meta in a market that has yet to attract consumers beyond gamers and tech enthusiasts.

Apple has updated the iPhone’s keyboard to remove the autocorrect feature.

This was the most significant product announcement by the iPhone manufacturer since the 2015 introduction of the Apple Watch.

The company announced that the Vision Pro, which was generally well received on Monday, will cost a substantial $3,499 and be available only in the United States in early 2019.

Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, stated as he unveiled the futuristic VR device resembling ski headgear that “there are certain products that change the way we view technology and its role in our lives.”

“We believe Apple Vision Pro is a revolutionary product with the performance, immersion, and capability that only Apple can deliver,” he continued.

The headgear, which Apple referred to as a spatial computer, was unveiled at the conclusion of an Apple event in Cupertino, California, during which the company unveiled a comprehensive list of product updates.

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