Signal’s alternative icons offer concealment 2023

Today, there are several encrypted applications, including Signal, the finest. Due to its privacy-focused features, the software has survived WhatsApp, Telegram, and others.

The app’s developers have added features like Stories and decoupled SMS functionality despite these feature upgrades. The app may now hide its symbol and name on your home screen.

If you’re on Signal for Android version 6.21.3, the option is under Settings > Appearance > App Icons. Custom ROM and launcher users are used to changing app icons.

However, allowing Signal users modify the app icon/name from the settings saves time. We hope Signal would provide more icon possibilities to News, Notes, Weather, and Waves.

Signal camouflages with alternative iconography.

As stated in the app icon part of settings, changing the app’s graphics doesn’t affect notifications. These always have the Signal name and icon. Turning off alerts to conceal the app would defeat the point of an instant chat app.

All Signal Google Play Store users are getting the functionality. Signal 6.21.3 APK may be downloaded from the developer’s page or APKMirror as usual. Signal users on Android can customize app icons, but there’s no information on iOS/iPadOS users.

Signal’s latest functionality is clearly aimed at security via obscurity, since changing the app icon and name to Weather or News reduces attention.

For users who use important communication applications on shared phones or tablets, this can be beneficial but not secure. There are several Signal icons for people who don’t need to modify the name or symbol.

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