Tour Edge E723 Fairway Wood/Hybrid 2023

Tour Edge’s Exotics fairways and hybrids made them famous when they debuted, as they have for years. Their procedures and use of premium materials sparked the ball speed wars that continue today in these markets.

Tour Edge has grown to appreciate that part of the Exotics range while also adding designs with forgiveness. This year’s E723 fairways and hybrids display the brand’s breadth better than ever.

Fast Take

Tour Edge’s E723 fairways and hybrids may be more “everyman” than “extreme”. Both clubs have huge playability due to ease of launch, forgiveness, and greater spin levels that most novices seek with longer clubs like this.

The result is a set of great-feeling, high-performance choices that show how successfully Tour Edge has transformed the Exotics family into one that appeals to everyone, not just the finest ball strikers.

Tour Edge E723.

I reviewed the E723 3W in regular 15-degrees with Mitsubishi Tensei AV Blue 65 (S), a factory option. The 3W’s 43” length and 170cc head fit the E lineup’s goal.

Though it’s large, the form is classic and avoids angularity on the back edge and doesn’t seem like a pancake-like some companies’ more forgiving options. I find it neutral to slightly closed, which gives it a confident but sleek style.

Finish-wise, this is the second year in the fairways that Tour Edge has not utilized the Ridgeback as they did with the 721s, and I appreciate that they have gone back to this solid carbon crown appearance.

Though I would have liked the Exotics “E” alignment aid throughout the lineup instead of the 723, the application and polish are top-notch. That continues on the sole, and while the “MOI+” logo in the middle is a bit overbearing, the application and polish connect it together.

E723 Hybrid Touring

For two years, I’ve been preaching about Tour Edge’s Exotics hybrids, especially the E variant. The E723 hybrid’s 3H (19-degree) variant with Mitsubishi Tensei AV Blue Hybrid 65 (S) may be the lineup’s surprise again.

The E723 hybrids are larger, riding that hybrid-fairway wood combination, which gave them more area to position the weights and fit into the MOI+ focus of the complete E series for 2023. Despite its fairway-like shape, this hybrid is not heavy and should be more comfortable and confidence-inspiring to more golfers than the small C723.

Diamond Face frees up swings and makes the feel forceful and fiery even on lateral misses. Like the fairway, I am sharing two Foresight data sets (all off-deck shots) that reveal a lot about myself and the E723 hybrid. Given its size, this design has surprising ball speed in the mid-140s. Better yet, spin lasting in the 4,000+ area on average for a 19.0 hybrid was unexpected and allowed longer shots onto greens.

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